Cue the doom and gloom..

This Mumma is learning that unfortunately no matter how much you love your baby, it doesn’t cure your life. Sometimes I look at my son and I think, “yep, I’m doing it right”. Yet 99% of the time, I realise I’m just a failed adult with no house, a car I can’t even afford, no […]

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Technically, we’re all Mums…

Something I’ve noticed about Motherhood, is the apparent need for us to fall into a category of the type of mother we are. There are young mums, yummy mums, natural mums, working mums, all organic mums, and the list goes on. On top of all the different types of mothers that are out there, there’s […]

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“You’ll get there”

Yep. It’s so unlikely that I won’t. Until then though, this is painful. Let me shine some perspective onto what I’m saying. First up, we are living with my parents. We are trying so hard towards owning our own home. We are at that stage of the process where we feel like we are drowning. […]

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You may have run your eyes over my brief, concise and completely sarcastic bio. It’s quite ironic that I was writing that bio while my 13 week old was perfectly nestled in my bed next to me, sleeping peacefully with a beautiful smile on his face. This blog is here to talk about why that […]

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