Cue the doom and gloom..

This Mumma is learning that unfortunately no matter how much you love your baby, it doesn’t cure your life.

Sometimes I look at my son and I think, “yep, I’m doing it right”. Yet 99% of the time, I realise I’m just a failed adult with no house, a car I can’t even afford, no clothes that fit me anymore, a phone that doesn’t work and I live in the back room of my parents house.

Life’s miserable.

I think the issue is that for so long I had my life together and when I had Teddy, I somehow lost every last thing I had. I even had to put my dog down.

I guess I haven’t written in a while because I’ve had nothing nice to say. And I guess I still don’t.

I guess it hasn’t helped that my phone is broken, and I’m using a phone so old that I can’t use Facebook. Which either way it doesn’t matter because I can’t afford to pay my phone bill so making phone calls will be a luxury I won’t need to worry about!

Positives, right?

I guess this post is about sharing the info that I’m a useless adult. Apart from my degree and my son, I’ve never amounted to anything. People don’t exactly line up to see me, and I’m not exactly surprised because I got bullied all through primary and high school pretty epically so I’ve never really had any good friends, so I don’t really know how to be a good friend.

Guess that’s why no one came to visit on my 30th birthday 🤷🏼‍♀️

Anyway here’s a picture of the only thing in the world that keeps me going and makes me smile 🙏

Sorry for the depressing post but this is my life, and I’m done pretending to be happy.

One thought on “Cue the doom and gloom..

  1. Oh my dear Elicia, you couldn be more wrong. I can’t deny you your feelings and I know where you’re at because I am your Mum and you live in my house. You are an amazing person, you are an up and coming leader in the world of social work and child protection. You are also an amazing mother full of love and patience for gorgeous teddy. Most people would give anything to have your intelligence, your kindness and your beauty inside and out. Things look bleak right now as you are at the part where you are sacrificing fun and Money for you and your family’s future but this sacrifice will end up with many rewards . In a years time your blog will be very different. It will full of love and praise and lots of pride because you are doing everything right now to ensure your child and family’s future. You will have your own home and independence again. You have a wonderful man amd son and you are loved, loved , loved. You are brilliant and the people who don’t see it are so blind. You shine bright like a diamond which I’m sure will be on your hand soon as well. Never never never give up.


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