“Well, who is it??” – Another birth story

After a not-so-complicated pregnancy, my waters decided to break on the 22nd of July in the early hours of the morning. Steven and I were away camping at a race meet that Steven and his brother were competing in.

I told Steven, and told him not to tell anyone, as I would eventually go into labour, right?


I went the whole weekend camping and sleeping in a swag on the back of a trailer thinking I must have been wrong, and that it is probably just normal. On the Sunday after we left, I took myself to the Lyell McEwin hospital to get checked. They admitted me on the suspicion that my waters had broken. Steven went back home to Port Augusta as he had to work. Luckily for me, it was my first official day of maternity leave, so I was happy to go with the flow. The hospital confirmed that I had broken my waters, and held me until Tuesday morning, when they decided that they would induce me, even though I was only 36 weeks.

The Doctors administered a drip to begin inducing me, and I called Steven. He packed the car up and began his 3.5 hour trip to Adelaide. When he got to town, I had been having minor contractions for 4 hours, and the Doctors decided to break the remaining water between baby’s head and my cervix. Steven had been in the birthing suite for 5 minutes when the Doctor came in and poked me with a stick and broke my waters.

My Mother, Mother in Law and Steven and I were giggling and making bets with the staff about the sex of the baby (as we didn’t know) and how big the baby would be. I felt something was wrong pretty quickly as I felt like I was bleeding. The nurses checked me, and realised that I was bleeding heavily, and brought the Doctors in to check.

Within 10 minutes, I was being told that I needed to have an emergency C-Section as I was losing too much blood. It was a blur from there.

At 4:51pm a little head was popped over my curtain and this big, pink baby was screaming bloody murder. The Anesthetist congratulated me, and Steven ran off to cut the cord and meet our baby. I still had no idea whether they were a boy or a girl, and the surgeons began working furiously to stop my bleeding.

“WELL, WHO IS IT??” I ungraciously spat at the Anesthetist.”What do you mean?” he quizzed me. “Is it Theodore or Matilda?” I threw back at him, “Boy or Girl??”.

“It’s a Boy!” He smiled at me. Seven and the Midwife came over to me with my little cherub and put him on my chest. I had never seen anything like it, and then just like that, he was gone again, and so was Steven.

The Doctors fixed me up and assured me everything was OK. They left. Then I was wheeled, alone, to a room to recover. No baby, no partner, no answers. Just the knowledge that there was a little blonde baby out there somewhere that was missing his Mumma..

I rubbed my belly but couldn’t feel anything. The epidural meant that I couldn’t feel anything, and for the first time in months, I couldn’t feel my little buddy wriggling around in my belly keeping me company.

I put on a brave face and tried to enjoy the company of the two young recovery nurses who told me about my baby. How much he weighed, how he was apparently so pink and had a really big placenta. My face was itchy and I was tired. The nurses told me to close my eyes and that when I wake up they can help me to work on moving my legs so that I could go to see my baby.

I couldn’t sleep, all I could do was send silent messages to my legs to move, so that we could see this baby I created. Then all of a sudden the Midwife had come with Teddy and he was trying to feed. I was cold, and Teddy felt so warm against my chest. I began to cry, and fell asleep. When I woke up he was gone, and I moved my F****** legs.


I got back to my room, but no baby? I had been moved to a single room, that I didn’t have to share. But there was no baby. The nurses were telling me that he was in the Special Care Nursery and that I needed to rest before I could see him. I cried again.

Bring on the blur of people visiting, pain medication, awkward exchanges with health professionals, and everything else in between. I wanted my baby. That was all I could think about.

After a few miserable days in the hospital, an epic failed attempt at breastfeeding, and like 4 emotional breakdowns later (thanks hormones), Steven and I took our beautiful baby boy home…

And then the fun really began!


Teddy comes home

Teddy comes home!

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